Philipp Meyer, Author of The Son and American Rust

Publication: May 28, 2013

U.S. Paperback

U.S. Hardcover

in French

in Dutch



THE SON: Publishers by Country
Ecco/​Harpercollins (US/​Canada)
Simon & Schuster (UK)
Vintage/​Random House (Australia)
Éditions Albin Michel (France)
Knaus/​Random House (Germany)
Einaudi (Italy)
De Bezige Bij (The Netherlands)
Literatura Mondadori (Spain)
Cappelen Damm (Norway)
Gyldendal (Denmark)
Norstedt (Sweden)
Bertrand (Portugal)
Companhia das Letras (Brazil)
Modan (Israel)
Sapiens 21 (Korea)

AMERICAN RUST: Publishers by Country
Speigel & Grau (United States)
Simon & Schuster (U.K.)
Allen & Unwin (Australia)
De Bezige Be, Roest (The Netherlands)
Tropen/​Klett-Cotta, Rost (Germany)
Denoel & D'Ailluers, Un arrière-goût de rouille (France)
Einaudi (Italy)
Kastaniotis (Greece)
Modan (Israel)
Sapiens 21 (South Korea)
Laguna (Serbia)
Bertrand (Portugal)
Wydawnictwo C&T Pawel Marszalek (Poland)

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